Watch this Ti-Hex     Mini-Movie
This Aquamarine Engineering Company mini Ti-Hex double pass heat exchanger is not much larger than a laptop computer, but it’s capable of cooling 30 gallons of liquid per minute. It is highly efficient, compact, and made of 100% Titanium. Non-reactive to sea water, it does not require “zincs” and  is built to last for many years. With low maintenance, high efficiency and the ability to install horizontally or vertically or flat on its back in one of those small, little used spaces, this is a unit to buy.
    The Ti-Hex rectangular heat exchanger is not a plate heat exchanger. It can be made in any size, and uses standard sizes of 100% Titanium tubing “TIG” welded to a tube sheet also 100% Titanium.
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Testing the Ti-Hex mini-rectangular heat exchanger